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Our Services


Local Recovery

We are well experienced in the in location and recovery of many types of assets in the local area.  Our agent are expressly familiar with the local and surrounding areas making us the first choice for local asset recovery.  Silent Knight's team of qualified agents have the training and years of experience to assure our clients of fast, efficient and most important safe delivery of their assets.  

[ General Surveillance / Discreet Removal / Domestic Recovery / Missing Assets ]

Nationwide Recovery

The world is becoming a smaller place everyday, and therefore many of our clients assets are moved throughout the country, sometimes without any knowledge of the client.  Our teams of talented agents are well versed and experienced in the techniques and dedication required to search and track down assets all across the nation.  We have the contacts and resources necessary to locate and recover all types of assets all across the country.

[ Camera Surveillance / Multi Sate Recovery / Cross Country Tracking / Reliable Quality ]

High-End Recovery

Our team of experienced and talented recovery experts have come together to make us the premier agency for the location and recovery of high-end assets such as heavy equipment, marine vessels, custom yachts and aviation aircraft.  The unique qualifications and experience that our agency holds through our teamwork of agents is that which makes us the obvious first choice or our clients to reunite them with their assets.

[ Covert and Discrete Investigation / Due Diligence / On-Staff CDL and Certified Pilot ]


Founded and Managed by Greg Williams

[ Asset Recovery Agent ]

I began this company using my skills and abilities to help recover assets for various clients.  I have since teamed up with the best int he business to build the best recovery agency in the area.  I personally hold almost every license, certification and experience required to recover all types of merchandise and equipment from motorcycle, automobiles, heavy equipment, luxury yachts and aviation aircraft. 


We are a conglomerate of talented and experienced recovery agents which have joined together in a combined effort to become the preferred agency in the recovery industry.